Nowadays, all companies need telecommunications services. Whether it is to communicate inside your company or interact with your clients, Internet, voice, and data are critical to your growth and permanence on the business scene. Critical Hub Networks offers you a series of packages to stay at the top of your game. Internet, voice, data, network, and many other options are all under Critical Hub Networks' range of expertise.

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Cloud Computing
Keep your mission critical information accessible to you anytime, anywhere. With our Cloud Computing service, you are guaranteed to find all your applications online whenever you need them.

With our colocation solutions, Critical Hub Networks will enable you to eliminate expense while you maximize your speed, performance, and security.
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Dark Fiber
Ready to expand your infrastructure? Dark fiber is your best choice and Critical Hub Networks' is ready to help you. Click to find out about our fully customizable services.
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Disaster Recovery
While we all strive to be secure, we are all vulnerable to unexpected events. Our disaster recovery helps you keep your information safe. Critical Hub Networks will make sure your data and applications are protected in case of a man-made or natural disaster.
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Insular Connection
No matter where you are on the island, we can reach you. Our Insular Connection service is constantly expanding to connect underserved and unserved locations all across Puerto Rico.

Integrated Solutions
Merge all your telecommunications needs to one provider. Critical Hub Networks is ready to work with you to streamline your company's tasks and improve your performance.

Internet Services
Government offices deal with deadlines and time-sensitive materials, coupled with a myriad of users online at any given time. Critical Hub Networks' broadband options will secure your web connectivity. We guarantee fast Internet access at affordable prices.

Also, Critical Hub Networks is peered with the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative. Therefore, you will receive a 25% discount in your broadband service option.
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Ready to reboot your telecommunications infrastructure? Or simply want to undertake a new project, but don't have the time? We're here to help. Our Outsourcing and Project Management options are here to take a load off your shoulders and help you focus on what really counts.

Private Line Services
Make sure your data arrives safely and on time. With our guaranteed security and emergency response, we'll help your critical data make it when and where it needs to be.

Virtual Private Network
Revamp or create a safe, reliable, and fast network for your company. We are ready to connect your locales, no matter the distance.

Voice Services
Voice services are just as important as Internet. Keep your company's communications up to date at competitive prices and more value for your investment. Learn more about VOZ today.
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Questions? Want to purchase our product? Contact a Critical Hub Networks' representative. We will happily provide more information. We're ready and waiting to help you advance to the top of your technological game.




  Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative