Voice Services

Sometimes a call is better than an e-mail. After all, in today's busy world, it is nice to pause and have a conversation, not just IM chat. That is why a business' telecommunications core is not solely comprised of the Internet. Voice services are important and worthwhile solutions that help you extend your reach as a company. Critical Hub Networks' VOZ has several options to meet your company's communications needs.

Local and Long Distance
Worried that you will have to spend too much for long distance or unlimited local phone calls? Look no further than our VoIP options. Our accessibly priced packages are ready for customizing and quick deployment. We will modify packages to suit your business and help you save money. Why stick to traditional voice communication options when faster, better, more economical options are available? With excellent local and long distance reach, Critical Hub Networks' VOZ is ready to help you take the next step in voice services.

With VoIP, you can keep your existing phone number(s), yet use IP to communicate instead of a regular telephone network. Critical Hub Networks guarantees the highest quality, support, and quick connection of your voice services when you choose one of our VoIP options. Not only will you have reliable voice services, but you will also cut costs and upgrade to today's technology.

Below are Critical Hub Networks' VoIP options. Click on them to learn more.

PRI Trunking
Select Critical Hub Networks' clear and budget-friendly communications solution without a drastic overhaul. All calls guaranteed to have per minute rates at competitive pricing. Learn more.

SIP Trunking
Merge your telecommunications needs into one circuit and save. A solution fit for your business at the prices you require. Learn more about its benefits and features. Learn more.

Enhanced Telephony
Critical Hub Networks' fully customizable package for all your communication needs. Ideal for various business environments, Enhanced Telephony is a great package with quick installation and minimum investment. Learn more.

An authorized Digium reseller, we have a series of VoIP phone systems ready for you to choose. Click to learn more.

Learn more. It's time to upgrade your communication services. Contact or visit VOZ for more information regarding our VoIP options.


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